Monday, 30 May 2016

Chinese Whispers

We have taken part in the El teléfono escacharrado collaborative project in 4º ESO. This project works a bit like the children's game Chinese Whispers, in which the original message is passed on from child to child in such a way that the final message might have very little to do with the original message. You can check the project website here.

This project is the brainchild of our Art teacher Ana Rico. She read a short poem to her 4º ESO students and they made it into pictures. These pictures were transformed by a our 1º ESO students, and the 3º ESO groups used GeoGebra to transform them even more. This is where we came in. We took the GeoGebra pictures and transformed them into concrete poems.

It's not been easy. Understanding an image and turning it into a poem can be quite challenging; the next step (taking the main idea from the poem and arranging the words into a recognisable shape) took imagination and skill. The end result? Here you have it...

I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for checking in!